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3 min readMay 21, 2022

The Defenders of the MetaSpark or DOTM is a project rooted in the ethos of Sparkles since the inception of the company. We want to deliver the highest quality 3D metaverse compatible characters on the Flare blockchain. The DOTM represents more than just another collection. The story behind this has been worked on since Sparkles was formed and will be one of the premier 3D characters in the Netvrk metaverse and potentially other metaverses and games.

The Concept Art

Sparkles DOTM Concept Art

Since Sparkles initial launch, some of you may have noticed this image on the Sparkles home page showcasing our concept art for this project. The characters were created and given their roles based on core team members of Sparkles. This is how the DOTM will forever be tied into the Sparkles ecosystem.

The Sparkles team has created individual NFTs to share this wonderful concept art with the community and made it available to those who delegate to the Sparkles FTSO. There is a secret utility behind owing the collection of all the DOTM concept arts.

Free Mint

Owning all 6 DOTM concept arts will entitle a collector to a free mint of the upcoming DOTM collection. Given the scarcity, these spaces will be limited to the lowest possible total supply of the collections. So, 391 free spots will be made available for owning all 6 NFTs. Thank you to all those who support Sparkles and the Sparkles FTSO as we continue to grow and evolve the Flare ecosystem.

Free MetaSpark loot box

Owning all 6 DOTM concept arts will also entitle a collector to a surprise MetaSpark loot box, which can be redeemed for additional TBC NFTs in the MetaSpark ecosystem.

White List Spots

Owning 5 of the 6 total DOTM concept arts will entitle you to the WL. You will be guaranteed early access to mint along with a discounted rate of 25% off the public mint price. More details around the amounts per wallet will be sent out once the concept art collection is fully completed.

Sparkles Genesis: All genesis holders will be added to the WL to guarantee them a spot to mint, in addition, the Genesis holders with 10 or more Genesis NFTs will also get the 25% off the public mint price.

Flare Realm: If you own a Flare realm NFT your wallet will also be added to the WL to make sure you have a chance to mint before the contract is open to the public.

As we get closer to the launch of this collection more details will be provided on the wallets that qualify for free, discounted, and/or early access to get a DOTM.

Sparkles is excited to bring this collection to the Flare Blockchain, Metaverses, and Gaming ecosystems.✨

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