Sparkles Beta Competition

Attention all artists, creatives and NFT enthusiasts, the Sparkles beta test is approaching.

We have created a unique opportunity for artists, creatives and NFT enthusiasts to get involved and have their work showcased on the first-ever NFT marketplace built on the flare networks .

The Sparkles team is putting out a call to all digital artists to submit an application to join our beta competition. You might be asking yourself if Sparkles is an NFT marketplace, how can there be a beta competition. Sparkles is looking to build the best possible platform and decided to open our testing to future users and create a reward system for it.

The beta test will consist of multiple tasks that assess the users’ skills and knowledge of creating not only great art but also the ability to turn that into an NFT. There will be more details released to contestants through the Sparkles Discord.

1) Sparkles will be asking participants to submit artwork, logo’s, and brand characters that they feel would be right for the Sparkles brand. Along with other surprise tasks.

2) The creators should use social media to promote their artwork they are creating for the beta. The creators will design the logos/artwork and mint them as an NFT. Sparkles encourages all participants to like, buy and sell as many NFT’s as possible. All this will be done on the Coston test net so no real funds will be transferred during this beta. If you need help with setting up Coston to MetaMask we created an easy to follow set up guide.

3) The Sparkles team will have daily winners announced for the most NFT’s sold, most NFT’s liked and other surprise categories to be added later. The competition will run for around 1 week.

Based on contribution to the beta, the Sparkles team will select individuals who will have their sparkles account verified on day one of our main net launch. This will also grant you access to the platform early so that you will have your store up and running before the official public launch.

It will be important for contestants to enter the Sparkles discord as this will be used as the hub to, communicate more detailed instructions on the official rules, and provide help or report issues.

Sparkles is looking forward to bringing you all the best NFT experience. Who is ready to put the “spark” in Sparkles. Your journey awaits!