The Sparkles team has launched its FTSO on songbird! We are thrilled to have delivered our FTSO to the community. Contributing data to the network, helping decentralize and overall bringing even more value to our users.

There are some key differences that make the Sparkles FTSO shine just a bit brighter.

The 1st Carbon Neutral FTSO

Sparkles have committed to the Crypto Climate Accord. The Sparkles team is doing everything we can to stay carbon neutral and eventually carbon negative. With a review of tools from the accord, we can estimate our annual carbon footprint for our FTSO. Sparkles is proud to announce the 1st carbon-neutral FTSO on the network! We will continue our commitment to offsetting all projects and actions Sparkles takes as a business. This is the first step, and we look forward to updating everyone on all the measures Sparkles takes regarding green energy and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Special Bonuses For Delegators

  1. Wallets that delegate to the Sparkles FTSO for 4 epochs in a row. (so around 1 month, we will call this distribution cycles) will be eligible for SGB/FLR or NFT rewards! Upon the conclusion of every distribution cycle, the team will snapshot and review all wallets to make sure they meet the criteria(Currently there is no minimum delegation required to be entered in, this is subject to change as the program evolves over time). The Sparkles team will be awarding NFTs from various collections around the Songbird, Flare and even other ecosystems. This wallet will be given out at a later date so users can see what NFTs the sparkles team is holding at any given time. These NFTs will be from popular collections, rare collections, Artists and even partner NFTs such as Netvrk and others. A minimum 5% of the FTSO rewards generated by the Sparkles FTSO will go towards the rewards pool, winners will be selected randomly and rewards will be airdropped to the address you delegated your votes from in the form of SGB/FLR or a NFT. The Sparkles team will publish the winners each distribution cycle.
  2. Wallets that delegate votes consistently over a long period of time will also be rewarded with commemorative NFTs. More to come on the full utility of these NFTs, but some things may include access to special events, whitelist to NFT projects, early access to join the beta testing team and more options to come. We are excited to share what these NFTs will unlock for the long term supporters and how the program will be structured. Stay tuned for more updates.
  3. The sparkles platform was built by the community for the community. Soon the sparkles whitepaper will be released that will describe the tokenomics and how Sparkles will transition into a DAO. We want the users to have a vote and say on the path the Sparkles platform takes. The Sparkles FTSO is one aspect where users will have the right to vote on matters such as what % of revenue from the FTSO should go to the community wallet and what fee the Sparkles FTSO should be set at. All of this and more will be set up via governance upon the Flare main launch and the Sparkles token.

These are just a few of the special bonuses the Sparkles team has planned for FTSO delegators, and we look forward to updating and adding even more utility to this exciting branch of the Sparkles platform.

About Sparkles

Sparkles is a community-run project to build a platform that allows you to buy, sell and mint NFTs on the Flare and Songbird Network.
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